Monthly Archives: September 2008

Texting and the Loss of Culture

How many of you have been broken up with over text messaging? Or how about email? Our culture has become obsessed with texting, but whats wrong with that?

I would argue that texting does have some benefits, however it can have some costly consequences to culture and human interaction. As texting becomes more and more prevalent as a primary means of communication I predict that you will see more and more Text message break ups.

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Thoughts on 6 literal days of creation

So i was reading an article in Modern Reformation, See here:. I will give a quick summary of what i found really important.

The main scope of this article is that we need to, as Christians, focus our energy on essentials and not waste our time or energy on non essentials. More specifically issues like how long were creation days, women in military, schooling children…ect.

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New Email Subscriptions!

You can now subscribe with email! Its on my main page, just enter your email, and respond to the automatic email it will send you, then wala! your subscribed. Please note that you will only be emailed 5-7pm Pst, after i post a new blog.

You can still subscribe in the RSS feed and that will update right away.

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