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Words Firmly Planted in Mid Air

Postmodernism wants to say that there is no truth. That 2 things can both be right in the same way and manner at the same time. That you can be right that there is no God and that I can be right that there is a God. One is your truth one is my truth but there is no universal truth. The problem is they are building this on things that require truth as a foundation, namely logic and words.

If one thing can be true in one way, and the opposite can be true at the same time, well then what is to stop words from changing meaning? If you call something a chair under postmodernism, you could mean an elephant. But if this is true, than their very words in which they use to describe and argue for their position, are either meaningless, and thus their position is still not proven, or else they(the words) themselves disprove their very position.

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Guidance – A Prayer

Oh my God, you have blessed me beyond what I deserve, and I thank you for your mercy and grace towards me for the sake of your precious Son Jesus. What more could I ask for? You have given me shelter, food, work, family, friends and so much more.

My gifts are your gifts, my strength is your strength, you uphold my life and give me breath. I am nothing apart from you, but dust and air. How great are your works oh my God!

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The Prodigal Step

It seems to me that we are one of these 3 figures, the prodigal son, the father, and the older son, at some point in our Christian lives.

I think we all start out as the prodigal, we are blatant sinners, destitute and in need of a loving Father and His forgiveness. We know we don’t deserve it, but our Father gives it to us anyways. We ran from Him at one time, and our own brokenness brought us back to Him.

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*disclaimer* this is not meant to be a legal study of how much particular we should give or not give, but an article to challenge our thinking and attitudes.

Now a quick word before I get to my main point. With out getting in a huge word/verse study in the Bible, I would argue that we Christians are first called to give both of our time and money to the Church, and second that it should come from our heart and desire not from the law.

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The Secret

I have come to what I think is the secret of a happy life and especially marriage. It first starts with our view of God. God, namely the person Jesus must become to us our everything. All our hopes and fears throughout the years must first find their anchor in our God. What in this world is worth fearing but our righteous, Holy God alone? What in this world is worth hoping in (trusting) except our God and Savior?

Every fear except God is the fear of something insignificant and temporal. To fear God is to fear the one who directs your life, the good and the bad, and hold your eternal destiny in His hands. This is not to say you don’t hold any responsibility for your actions and thoughts, but that ultimately God is in Control, He is Holy, you are not, you deserve Hell and your only hope is the blood of Christ. This alone should cause you to fear God, not to mention the fact that He is the creator God and is all powerful and amazing.

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