Monthly Archives: March 2009


taxes1Ok I’ve been reading Marx and Smith and thinking about taxes. I want to know how did we as a country ever get to the place where we taxed companies? Just thinking about this seems completely unfair. So a company is taxed, then you get paid, and you are taxed, then you spend your money and you are taxed, then the company earns the money you spend and they are taxed. This means that from when a company gets money and you spend it, that money is taxed three times. How is this fair again? How is this capitalism? How is this good for our country?

Now I try to not get to political in my blog, but this just brings up so many questions for me that I have to bring them up. To me what would be fair would be either a flat income tax, where everyone got taxed the same percentage on what they earned, or a flat sales tax where people were only taxed on what they purchased. This triple plus taxation seems wrong.

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