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Why Buy A Diamond?

davinci-diamond-1There has been much discussion about real diamonds vs fake diamonds and which, one should buy. I know many people who hate real diamonds and think them over priced, and not worth the investment. My discussion here is not meant to rationalize my views as much as it is intended to lay down some clear thinking on the subject for you to think about. First let us discuss why you shouldn’t buy your girl a fake diamond with out her knowledge, and then we will discuss why you should buy a real diamond. Of course this is only for people who have girls who really want real diamonds, I know that many do not care at all, so you might as well just tell them right from the start that it is fake. But if they say they don’ t care, do they really mean it?

1. She will find out! It realy is quite simple, she will find out I assure you. If you think that you can keep a life long secret, anyone you told, and all the jewlers in the world, you are delusional; WAKE UP! Hope that helped ;). Continue reading

Silly Thoughts

Ok I know this is been long anticipated, but here they are my silly thoughts!

Just know I came up with all these on my own while sitting down at my computer. If they look like anything else someone else has said, it is either a coincidence, or I sub conscientiously was influenced by it. However, I will assure you none of these were intended to be taken from anything anyone else has said.

1. You know I found myself thinking really hard….and I then realized that my brain wasn’t designed to do that…

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“An Angel Told Me”

The angel moroni

The angel moroni

I lay beside you a difficult question. Listen to my words, check your heart, and speak the truth in response. What if an angel came down, glowing with a bright light, exuding power, and might, and you knew for certain this was a heavenly being, what would you do? Would you tremble in fear and awe? What if this angel spoke to you?

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Spiritual Gifts Conclusion

I think Eric and I are pretty much done talking about spiritual gifts, but if you have any questions feel free to ask either of us. In light of this, I would like to quickly and clearly lay out my basic thoughts on the gifts in hopes of reducing any confusion as to what I believe regarding the gifts.

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