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beautyHave you ever thought about beauty? I mean really sat down and thought about what it is, where it comes from, and why it matters? I never really did until recently, so you are let of the hook, but now let us reason together.

You most likely have heard it said: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, a sentiment that I ultimately reject. Now I do not rule out people’s preferences, but what it ultimately boils down to is, the intrinsic beauty of something, is not dependent on what people feel or think about it.

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A Key To Happiness and Success

bakingThis reminds me of the story of the two Bakers.

There were two Bakers in a town whose shops were across the street from each other. The first baker was an older man named Tom, and the other was a younger man named Bill. Tom had been baking in that city for many, many years, so many so that Bill wasn’t even born when Tom started Baking. Bill grew up in that town, eating Tom’s baked goods and quickly fell in love with baking himself. When he was 12 he promised himself that he would open a bakery right next to Tom’s and would bake just like Tom, and everyone would love him and his goods as much as they loved Tom and his.

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Does God Try?

megaphoneI have been thinking about a concept that many people use when talking about God. Better yet I have a question that I would like to ask and postulate some of my thoughts about it: Does God try?

What I mean is, does God try to be heard, try to get things done, but is ultimately hindered in what He wants to do? Is it the case that God tries to speak to us, but we just do not listen? Does this mean we just need to learn to listen better? Or is it the case that God tries to accomplish some work, but Satan or humans thwart it? Is God in heaven wringing His hands hoping that His plans will work out, that humans will corporate with Him? Is this the image of God we have in the Bible?

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