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Why Is Apple Successful Now?

So there was this news post about how Apple is notorious for trying to keep end users out of their products, and how their newest attempt is to change out all the screws on their products to screws that require a custom screwdriver (which presumably only they have). And yes, they are doing this to consumers who bring their products in for repair, without telling the consumer they are doing it.

I then had a friend ask an employee at Apple about this and from what my friend said, the employee’s attitude was simply that Apple owns our devices and we are not free to do what we want with them, even if we choose to void the warranty to do so. Now of course this isn’t an official Apple statement, and it may not really reflect Apples true position, but considering how they act, one wonders.

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Is God Unfair In His Commands?

“Grant what thou commandest and then command what thou wilt.” With those words Augustine enraged Pelagius. The idea that God would command something of men, of which they cannot do apart from Grace, on the surface enrages all of us, and perhaps rightly so. “That isn’t fair” or “I don’t believe in that God” and perhaps even “God would never do that” are some of the complaints we have made to the idea that God commands men to repent and have faith in Jesus, when no man is able or willing to do so. Thus we argue that either God doesn’t require it of all men, or men must be able to do what he requires apart from Grace.

To many of us this seems as absurd and evil as commanding a cripple man “walk or die”, and so it is in that light we look at God’s commanding of us to do what we cannot nor will not do.

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