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Christians In Culture: What I Have So Far Learned

It seems to me that Jesus and the Apostles made it clear: Christians are to focus their work in fulfilling the Great Commission by using the gifts, talents, and social positions they find themselves. Like my pastor says: “please don’t hear what I am not saying”. I am not saying that Christians are ONLY to do the Great Commission obvious things like preaching, teaching, and evangelism. Rather I am saying that it seems to me that Jesus wants us to take his command seriously in that it is the primary motivation for our work in this world.

Many people will take this thinking and run in the direction of saying that only such activities that directly and obviously fulfill the GC (Great Commission) are to be done by Christians and no other activity is worthy of their time, but that isn’t what I am saying. In order to better understand my thinking on this subject one must think slower and longer on it than the quick assumptions we all make from the gut.

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Musings On My Study Of The One Kingdom vs Two Kingdom Debate

I must first start out saying that I am ignorant of every nuance and implication of this debate. I have barely studied the subject as to now. Therefore I will write down my impressions and thinking as to this point in time, wherefore I do not suggest that they will be the same at a later date. My mind is not made up, but my mind is neither changed from what it is currently.

As a short background I grew up Dispensational, which tends to have Christians living in their own little ghettos. Later on I became mentored by two theologians who seem to be on the 2K side, but attend a church that leans towards the 1K side (at least that is my guess about the founding pastor although I haven’t asked him directly). So my own views are probably confused between having so many different areas talking at me, but here goes my confused thoughts anyways.

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