Monthly Archives: February 2013

Education – A Severely Flawed System

For years I have wrestled with coming up with answers to why our Education system in California is so flawed and what to do about it. By no means do I believe I have arrived at the perfect answer, but I have arrived at some conclusions. Our Education system in California is severely flawed and a broken system. When I talk about our Education system I am referring to all of education from young to old, but my comments here will be limited to that of our youth, namely K-12.

Many of you know that my wife is a teacher and has been for over 5 years full time. This gives me a unique view into the profession that I believe many do not have. I am disgusted by how most people think and talk about our education system here, especially those in the public eye – even the conservative talk show hosts (you know who you are). The flaws in our system are total in that they do appear in every category, but the worst is in the administration and government.

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