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Open Letter to Theistic Evolutionists

Dear Brother and Sisters,

Greetings in the Lord Jesus! It has come to my ears the great zeal that you have for the Lord and desire to spread forth his Gospel. Striving hard for the faith you attempt to remove any offense of the Gospel that is not organically derived from its core message of Christ crucified for sinners. Whole heartily my applause is with you and I share your concerns for the foolish shame that many Christians bring to the gospel through their poor theories and knowledge of how this world works. Students of science have a right to critique many Christians for their ignorant but proud understanding of how the universe functions, and I do agree with you that these Christians do bring shame to the Gospel because the secular scientists doubt the Gospel message because the Christians can’t even get science right. Doubtfully there is error in judging one’s position on the Gospel based on one’s position on science, but we are sympathetic to the concern. If a doctor told us he believed that the sum of two plus two equaled five, we would not readily concern ourselves with his opinion on the health of our liver. With you I agree that we should work hard on removing all offense to the Gospel, but the Gospel itself.

Deep in my bones I fear you have stumbled upon a great error in your zeal and too have brought undo condemnation on the Christian faith, birthed confusion among the brothers, and have distracted all from the primacy of the Gospel. To your error I call you to repent and consider a better way. My humble goal is to show you your error and hope for your repentance.

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Mind the Gap

A young child sat on his fathers lap and asked him, “Daddy where do babies come from?” His father pondered the question a moment, deciding how much detail his son needed to know at eight years old, and replied, “They come from loving mommies and daddies”. Most of us can relate to this scenario. All of us have probably been that child, and many of us have been that parent. Do any of us remember, at this young age, our parent sitting down with us and pulling out a medical reference book and going through all the scientific detail of how babies are created, complete with pictures? Were we then asked to ponder and think through all the reasons and evidence first before making our own opinion on the subject?

Now considering our experience with how our parents explained things like this to us in the past, would we now look back and consider our parent a liar? Should a good parent have pulled out the medical reference book? Should we have been given the chance to ponder all the evidence before coming to our own belief about the subject? Did our parents love us less because they didn’t give us all the details and time to answer our question for ourselves and completely?

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