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Have you ever recommitted your life to Christ? Did you raise your hand or go forward again at an alter-call after already trusting in Christ? You are not alone, or should I say, we are not alone for it seems many if not most Christians recommit their lives to Christ at least once in their life and if you are in the alter-call tradition, have gone forward to more than one alter-call.

Before you blast me for being against recommitting one’s life to Christ, which I am not against per-say, allow me to explain a little further what I am attempting to point out. Every Christian’s walk goes through peaks and valleys. Sometimes we feel very close to God, and trust Him so much that we just see His providence and care so clearly. Other times we feel very far from God, and doubt His love for us, or even often forget God and live like He doesn’t exist. Such a ping-pong of emotions is normal and to be expected in the Christian faith. When one realizes they are not walking close to God, it also is a good response to “recommit” their lives back to God. My problem with “recommitment” is that often it is something done wrongly with the right attitude. Continue reading