Monthly Archives: July 2015

Thoughts on Vaccines

Certainly the topic of vaccines, especially when related to parental rights, can conjure up great emotions and red faces. Now I don’t expect this short article will really change anyone’s mind, but I’m not here to just change minds, I’m here to help people think more clearly, and if clear thinking changes minds, then so be it, but changing them directly is not my goal. There are a few questions related to this topic I want to explore and a couple of responses that I want to put forth. What I will be discussing is the following topics, should the government care about vaccines, are parents the only ones with a say, and what is the role of love for one’s neighbor (neighbor used as Jesus used it: everyone you come in contact with)?

Right off the bat in case you decide to read no further I want to put before you one simple consideration. Continue reading

Rebellion Against God

Cross burning and Satanism are two acts that, to most people, exemplify the idea of rebellion against God, but there are greater rebellious activities that often go ignored or unnoticed even by Christians.

To quote from Roman’s chapter 1 starting at verse 18 and finishing the chapter we read, Continue reading