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Evolution: So Wrong It Is Right

Never start an argument where your terms are not defined. Following that rule allow me to quickly clarify what I mean by the term evolution. Everything coming from nothing, all life evolving from non-life, the existence of only the material, and men being the direct relation to monkeys, are a few of the bordering concepts for my use of the concept of evolution. Certainly there is a type of evolution where by cultures develop, or organisms adapt to their environment, and I am not speaking of this type, but the type that stands in direct opposition to the historical Christian faith and view of the world. This type of evolution is so backwards, so illogical, so confused that it seems so right to so many people and they don’t even know why. Why would something so obviously false, so obviously mistaken have gained so much traction that even though historically it is very new, it is becoming the de facto basis on which much of human culture is being rebuilt.

Piles and piles of papers have been written on the subject and it isn’t in my purview to give a definitive case against evolution, but I will point out what I think are the clearest reasons it is false and why I think so many people believe it anyway.

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Abortion, Simply Wrong

My argument is simple. My argument is clear. If we can kill babies in the womb, and babies are human persons, then we can kill anyone, anytime, anywhere for the same reasons we kill them. If we cannot kill anyone, anytime, and anywhere for those reasons, then we cannot kill babies in the womb, it is that simple. We now seem to believe that our personal desires are more important than even the life of another human, and if it will not stop with the unborn, then it will not ultimately stop with the born, for all human life is threatened when we threaten one unborn human life.

Are human beings worth protecting? Our society still seems to think so, as we still have laws against murder of human beings, and the violence done against them. And more importantly God seems to think so as well.

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