Monthly Archives: July 2016

When to #NeverTrump, never

To my #nevertrump friends. So you are ready to burn down the Republican party because it no longer stands for the conservatism you hold. Where will you go? Will you create your own party? How long will that take? Do you really think there are enough conservatives who are active politically that will go with you to even matter? Here’s my fear about your plan:

Which direction do you think the country is going as a whole and do you really think there is any stopping it any time soon? We had 8 years of Obama and did conservatism get stronger or weaker? Let me answer for you: we got Trump. After 8 more years of Hillary we might just end up with a Bernie. With all these long term plans you have for conservatism and how you will make it a great contender again you seem to underestimate the weight of the Supreme Court, and the damage it has done over the last 40 years while still having a majority of “conservatives” for most the time. What do you think will happen when that damage is accelerated by having an undefeatable majority of 6 or more liberals on the court, which Hillary is sure to give us? Right now with just 8 justices we only see 3 voting consistently conservatively.

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