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Abortion Risks Too Much

The following is a test of your reasoning system. If you really were being asked to reason, then it would follow that things would change upon the conclusion of this article, but since this is just a test…wait no it’s not a test, this is the real thing, better buckle up cowperson (see I can be PC) things are going to get bumpy!

There are presently many, many wonderful and compelling (for those who want to listen) arguments against Abortion. My goal is simply to give a small, but powerful one here.

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I Will Taint Trump

After much thinking I have now decided that because Trump is my neighbor, and I am called to love my neighbor, I cannot vote for him for his own good. Although it is clear to me that Trump is a sinner, I fear I may be a worst sinner, and since I cannot know for sure who is a greater sinner, I must take the safe route and assume I am. Therefore, I cannot vote for Trump, because if I am a worse sinner than he is, my vote will taint him, and love cannot have that. Surely bad company corrupts good morals, and if I am the bad company, Trump will be corrupted. I cannot vote for Trump, because my vote will add guilt to him.

To prove my conclusion, consider this example. I am running for president and in a press conference I pull out a letter from the President of North Korea saying he is voting for me, and believes I should be president. Would that vote from the PNK taint me? It sure seems like it right?

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