Bad Beard Behavior

I do not know if you keep up with the news like I do but this trend of “men-wear-beards” is really starting to bug me. First it started out with men wearing beards alone and in secret afraid to share their lifestyle choice with others. It was a hard time for these men. They couldn’t help it that they wanted to grow and wear large, full beards. It was just how they matured as men and how they were raised: “real men grow and wear beards, son”. But it was a shameful secret that they had to hide from others because so many people just don’t understand beard wearing men.

Many decades past in America, and the beard growing men started becoming more accepted in society, they no longer had to feel so ashamed to share their beard growing secret with others, they were finally able to come out of the closet, so to speak (closet is referring to their having to hide their beard growing). Soon this wave of acceptance from the culture at large emboldened these men and their supporters, until we have reached our current state of affairs and why I just had to write this blog to get it off my chest.

Why do these “men-wear-beards” supporters have to shove beard wearing down our throats? I mean, I understand the idea of “don’t ask don’t tell” or “wear your beard in secret” or “I don’t want to know what you do in your private life,” but to flaunt it publicly and demand that I too jump on board with “men-wear-beards” movement is just a little too much for me. If I want to raise my son to keep his face shaved, what business is it of you to force me to raise my son the way you want me to?

Not only are they going after our children, now we see them taking over parades meant to celebrate other historical people like Saint Patrick, or even the Olympics; just because Russia doesn’t think the “men-wear-beards” is a good lifestyle choice for society doesn’t mean that those who disagree should shove their opinion down Russia’s throat, does it?

No where else in society have I seen any lifestyle so uplifted as so great and virtuous that the supporters act like anyone who disagrees should be run out of town on a rail (there is a difference between those who do a bad behavior and people commenting on what they think is a bad behavior is there not?). Am I the only one who is picking up on the difference between my behavior and my belief about another’s behavior?

I mean, the vitriolic way these “men-wear-beards” go after any one who disagrees with this is shameful to say the least, and definitely not American. We the land of the free, and if my belief isn’t your belief you have no right to force me to accept and praise your belief as better than mine (there is a difference between forcing and persuading is there not?). That is just what these “men-wear-beards” supporters do, they want me not only to accept their life style, they also want me to praise it as a great and worthy lifestyle that should be protected from all criticism and that all people should be forced to agree with their opinion on how good and protected it should be. They have given up convincing people of their position, they have moved right past that to forcing people into their position.

I just think this is crazy and if we, as a society, do not put up with the “people-who-really-love-the-earth-ride-bicycles” group acting in this way, then why should we put up with anyone acting this way?

Now I will get hate mail from many “men-wear-beards” supporters for sure. 😉

* For those who are so angry in life that they miss little things: This is meant to be a tongue in cheek commentary on Homosexual behavior as a movement in our society and not a dig on men who wear beards. If you couldn’t catch that upon reading the above paragraphs I suggest that I am not the author for you to read. 😉 Thanks – CoramDeo

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