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Should One Buy Insurance Like Aflac?

Right off the bat I must admit I am opposed to all insurance in principle, as I believe mandatory insurance is the primary reason healthcare is so expensive and complicated. I am, however, a law abiding citizen so I buy the insurance I must to obey the law and survive in our insurance driven culture. Aflac and other insurance are what many call “luxury” insurances, which means they are nice but not necessities.

Many things we call “luxury” are actually counter to what I believe a sound financial plan entails. Call me old-school, but I believe in saving and only buying what you need / can afford, and not buying anything (as much as possible) on credit. I say don’t look to someone else for your own financial security or safety net, and this includes insurance companies.

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Things I wish I knew when I was younger part 2- men vs women

I wish I knew what really makes men tick, when I was younger. I don’t mean the simple things like women, guns, excitement, but deeper things like meaningful accomplishment, and true leadership.

Like most young men there was a time I was happy to let women lead the relationship thinking it would be easier than the hard life of a true leader, all the while not knowing the damage it was doing to my spirit. Of course men and women are of equal worth but God has created us differently and therefore has given us some differences in our callings, which means our fulfillment in life is based on a few things that are different while many other things are the same.

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Musings On My Study Of The One Kingdom vs Two Kingdom Debate

I must first start out saying that I am ignorant of every nuance and implication of this debate. I have barely studied the subject as to now. Therefore I will write down my impressions and thinking as to this point in time, wherefore I do not suggest that they will be the same at a later date. My mind is not made up, but my mind is neither changed from what it is currently.

As a short background I grew up Dispensational, which tends to have Christians living in their own little ghettos. Later on I became mentored by two theologians who seem to be on the 2K side, but attend a church that leans towards the 1K side (at least that is my guess about the founding pastor although I haven’t asked him directly). So my own views are probably confused between having so many different areas talking at me, but here goes my confused thoughts anyways.

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My Car Came From Nothing!

I own a Honda Civic. I do not believe Honda has any manufacturing plants, they do not exist. They cannot exist because such a thing would be so evil and immoral and hateful. They are a myth forced upon us by the fools who want us to believe that car manufacturing plants exist to create our cars, because there is great gain in it for them. These people live in the dark ages. They are blinded by their own assumptions. We, any smart and scientific individual, all know that cars just come into existence and there really is a simple proof for it.

Since we all know that car manufacturing plants are a lie propagated by fools who are backward in their beliefs, blinded by their biases, there must be another reason why we have cars. If we spend just a second thinking about it, we all can think of the time when there were no cars in existence, but now we have cars! So, just as any child can reason this through, give me where you think cars came from? Well of course they came from nothing! We know there was nothing, and now there are cars, therefore cars came from nothing! It really is quite simple I do not understand why anyone would think otherwise. Let us stop arguing where cars came from and focus on more important issues like what to do with their emissions. Science has proven it once and for all, stop fighting it: cars come from nothing. They just come into existence! Of course the physics of it is much more complicated, but I assure you our laws of physics completely allow for it, I assure you.

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Above Reproach

1 Timothy 3:2a “Now the overseer must be above reproach”. Recently there has been some discussion in the world I walk in as to what being “above reproach” means, specifically for us leaders in the church, namely for Elders and Pastors (of which I am neither). Set in the context of some “super” sin, what does it mean to be “above reproach” (although I believe that the Bible teaches degrees of sin, there is a sense in which all sins are “super” since they offend a Holy God, what I mean by “super” is essentially the sins God seemingly point out as greater: murder, adultery, theft, etc. which are essentially listed in 1 Timothy)?

Some people argue that if you commit any of these “super” sins at any time in your life, then you are ineligible to be an Elder or Pastor, due to being not above reproach. Others argue that it is ok if you commit these sins before your vows as Elder or Pastor, but not after. And still others argue that Grace covers all these sins so that even after committing these sins as an Elder or Pastor there is a chance, although slight, that one might eventually be able to be an Elder or Pastor again. Personally I do not think Scripture is clear in support of any of these sides, thus we must appeal to something else and Scripture at the same time.

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The Importance of John 3:16

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

This verse is one of the most popular and frequently quoted verses of the entire Bible, and rightly so. It gives us an intimate look into God and His love. God’s love is a powerful subject, and a most important one, however it is not in the scope of my writing today.

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Face vs. Phone

I am at lunch with a good friend, my phone rings, I instinctively pick it up to see who is calling, oh it’s my wife. I ask for permission to pick it up, knowing he wouldn’t say no. A professor is sitting in his office talking with a student, the student’s phone rings, he picks it up, it’s his wife. Another professor is talking with a student in his office, his phone rings, he doesn’t pick up, the student is confused. I call a good friend who is out to dinner with his family, he picks up.

These are all true stories, and they all have something in common. In each of these stories, there is a battle going on, a hidden, unspoken battle. It is the battle between the face and the phone.

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What to look for in a spouse

ShowPicI have been thinking about marriage, and while talking with some people I have decided to put down a few things I think we all should look for in a spouse, but let look at it from the other direction: ourselves.

One of the more important things in life is the ability to introspect your own self. I think we all spend too much time thinking about and talking about how everyone else should improve themselves, and not ourselves. So allow me here to challenge us all to better think about and work on ourselves, so that we can be the better spouse, and if we can be better, we will be in a better position to know and look for the right qualities in the other person.

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beautyHave you ever thought about beauty? I mean really sat down and thought about what it is, where it comes from, and why it matters? I never really did until recently, so you are let of the hook, but now let us reason together.

You most likely have heard it said: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, a sentiment that I ultimately reject. Now I do not rule out people’s preferences, but what it ultimately boils down to is, the intrinsic beauty of something, is not dependent on what people feel or think about it.

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A Key To Happiness and Success

bakingThis reminds me of the story of the two Bakers.

There were two Bakers in a town whose shops were across the street from each other. The first baker was an older man named Tom, and the other was a younger man named Bill. Tom had been baking in that city for many, many years, so many so that Bill wasn’t even born when Tom started Baking. Bill grew up in that town, eating Tom’s baked goods and quickly fell in love with baking himself. When he was 12 he promised himself that he would open a bakery right next to Tom’s and would bake just like Tom, and everyone would love him and his goods as much as they loved Tom and his.

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