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What Do Christmas Decorations Mean

What do you tell your children when they ask you: “why do we decorate for Christmas”? I know many people haven’t really thought about it much. Obviously the most simple answer would be something akin to: “because its tradition” or “we have always decorated”. This simple answer is like answering the question of, “where did the universe come from” and responding with: “aliens”. It doesn’t actually answer the question because then one can ask a further question: “where did the aliens come from” or in our case “why did this tradition start”.

Wouldn’t you like to know what the decorations mean so you can tell your children why we decorate? Well I cannot tell you what they mean objectively because God hasn’t given us any objective revelation as to what they should or do mean, however I can tell you what I will tell my children when they ask me that fateful question: “daddy why do we decorate?”

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Santa is Real. Problem?

So does anyone else see the problem in this commonly held belief?

“I’m going to teach my kids that Santa is real, don’t you or your kids tell my kids the truth, I want them believing a lie, its betters their childhood. Besides everyone else is doing it, my parents did it and I turned out fine, see it’s ok to lie to your kids, it makes them happier.”


Musings on Christmas

As many of you know Christmas first started out as a pagan holiday. However the church decided to try and redeem it, so they took it over as the celebration of Jesus’s birth. Although most people agree that He wasn’t born on December 25. There have been times in Church history where Christmas was banned because people got too carried away in their celebration.

Christmas now is both a celebration of Jesus’s birth (to Christians) and a time to give presents and decorate, and buy lots of stuff (for everyone including most Christians). For the most part i would argue that Christmas is leaning more towards consumerism, than Christ.

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