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No Rooster Began the Universe

I’m so tired of so called scientists, rationals, elites, atheists, christians, and all kinds of other people making silly statements about knowledge. Today it seems that people accept “story telling” as a reasonable explanation of something.

Let me give you this example. Your whole life you have lived on an island that someone else built for you. It has a nice little house with a red front door. A silver telescope is mounted to your front porch and when you look through it you can see another island that someone else is living on. What types of things can you infer correctly, or at least reasonably, about that island?

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Evolution: So Wrong It Is Right

Never start an argument where your terms are not defined. Following that rule allow me to quickly clarify what I mean by the term evolution. Everything coming from nothing, all life evolving from non-life, the existence of only the material, and men being the direct relation to monkeys, are a few of the bordering concepts for my use of the concept of evolution. Certainly there is a type of evolution where by cultures develop, or organisms adapt to their environment, and I am not speaking of this type, but the type that stands in direct opposition to the historical Christian faith and view of the world. This type of evolution is so backwards, so illogical, so confused that it seems so right to so many people and they don’t even know why. Why would something so obviously false, so obviously mistaken have gained so much traction that even though historically it is very new, it is becoming the de facto basis on which much of human culture is being rebuilt.

Piles and piles of papers have been written on the subject and it isn’t in my purview to give a definitive case against evolution, but I will point out what I think are the clearest reasons it is false and why I think so many people believe it anyway.

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My Buddy Chance

Many people call on his name or talk about him like they know him, but I know him and his name is Chance. Long ago his father Zeus sired him and his brother Nothing along with his sister Void. It took them many years to grow up and they all took different career paths. Nothing is very lazy and sits around all day being himself. Patiently, Void waits for others to fulfill her emptiness and when they approach she takes more of them then they intended to give her. It is my buddy Chance who really is the busy one and who really does all the work.

Upon the toil that no man knows, Chance brandished his mighty arm and beat the world into existence. Throughout the universe he rides the wings of the furious storm and makes sure that coin tosses are 50/50 heads and tails. He keeps the chance your airplane will crash at around 0.00001% and makes sure that when you play poker the royal flush you seek is only allowed to you at a 0.000154% probability. Yes, Chance is very busy, but yet he never seems to get tired.

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Open Letter to Theistic Evolutionists

Dear Brother and Sisters,

Greetings in the Lord Jesus! It has come to my ears the great zeal that you have for the Lord and desire to spread forth his Gospel. Striving hard for the faith you attempt to remove any offense of the Gospel that is not organically derived from its core message of Christ crucified for sinners. Whole heartily my applause is with you and I share your concerns for the foolish shame that many Christians bring to the gospel through their poor theories and knowledge of how this world works. Students of science have a right to critique many Christians for their ignorant but proud understanding of how the universe functions, and I do agree with you that these Christians do bring shame to the Gospel because the secular scientists doubt the Gospel message because the Christians can’t even get science right. Doubtfully there is error in judging one’s position on the Gospel based on one’s position on science, but we are sympathetic to the concern. If a doctor told us he believed that the sum of two plus two equaled five, we would not readily concern ourselves with his opinion on the health of our liver. With you I agree that we should work hard on removing all offense to the Gospel, but the Gospel itself.

Deep in my bones I fear you have stumbled upon a great error in your zeal and too have brought undo condemnation on the Christian faith, birthed confusion among the brothers, and have distracted all from the primacy of the Gospel. To your error I call you to repent and consider a better way. My humble goal is to show you your error and hope for your repentance.

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A Room Full of Yes Men

When everyone in the room is told they should expect the High Chieftain of Xerplosia, and a man dressed in stunning robes walks in, they all will immediately assume he is the man. Will any doubt he is and if they do will they be allowed to voice the opinion? Such group-think, brain-washing, I fear, has affected our scientific community as a whole. Watching “No Intelligence Allowed” is a real entry-level eye opener to how this works in Science currently.

When Scientists cannot get jobs if they believe anything other then evolution, if they even attempt to suggest a different interpretation of the evidence they lose their jobs, then how can one say anything different than the conclusions are fixed?

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Why I Am Not a Theistic Evolutionist

A new conviction has come to me. One must be sure of what they believe and why they believe it. When one knows what they believe and why they believe it they can both respond to error and revise any errors they might hold. If sufficient evidence can damage one of the “why’s” of belief, one should change the “why” and if necessary the “what”. Therefore although I speak in terms of: this is my position on said topic, it doesn’t mean I am not open to criticism or changing my view, but rather that certain “why’s” need to be addressed and disproven before I will change or modify my “what”, and I think this is how everyone should be. Now to my topic at hand.

I do not claim full knowledge of my topic, nor have I exhausted every argument and line of evidence, nor do I claim to know or understand every nuance of views on the subject. Simply I will state my current position on the topic and why I hold to said position.

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Evolution Is Dead

Evolution is Dead and unfortunately the doctors refuse to call the smoldering and stinking corpse.

Of course when I talk about Evolution I am speaking of the incarnation of it that assumes a Godless, a purposeless, and a orderless universe. The confusion arrises when one decides upon the term Evolution, like many other terms such as Gay, Rights, Social Justice, Free Speech, Free Will etc., it is very loaded with a plethora of meanings. Evolution on the one hand is used to speak of the adaptation of things like plants or animals or even our cells, but on the other hand it is used to speak about a common origin of all things in a singularity like a first protein or cell which then mutated (evolved) into more complex mechanisms and eventually life from which all living things find their origin.

As one can see such a term as Evolution can bring to the listeners mind a broad selection of possible meanings. Depending, of course, on the listeners own background and biases he or she will immediately think of a certain definition of Evolution, a definition which may or may not be the same as the speaker intended. This, as we all know, is the problem with many speakers and listeners: they are both entirely on different pages and thus do not communicate nor hear what is intended. Certainly this possibility arrises for us in this blog as I write it. That is why I am being careful to define my terms and hope that you hear my terms and not your own experience or bias.

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“An Angel Told Me”

The angel moroni

The angel moroni

I lay beside you a difficult question. Listen to my words, check your heart, and speak the truth in response. What if an angel came down, glowing with a bright light, exuding power, and might, and you knew for certain this was a heavenly being, what would you do? Would you tremble in fear and awe? What if this angel spoke to you?

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Thoughts on 6 literal days of creation

So i was reading an article in Modern Reformation, See here:. I will give a quick summary of what i found really important.

The main scope of this article is that we need to, as Christians, focus our energy on essentials and not waste our time or energy on non essentials. More specifically issues like how long were creation days, women in military, schooling children…ect.

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