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Education – A Severely Flawed System

For years I have wrestled with coming up with answers to why our Education system in California is so flawed and what to do about it. By no means do I believe I have arrived at the perfect answer, but I have arrived at some conclusions. Our Education system in California is severely flawed and a broken system. When I talk about our Education system I am referring to all of education from young to old, but my comments here will be limited to that of our youth, namely K-12.

Many of you know that my wife is a teacher and has been for over 5 years full time. This gives me a unique view into the profession that I believe many do not have. I am disgusted by how most people think and talk about our education system here, especially those in the public eye – even the conservative talk show hosts (you know who you are). The flaws in our system are total in that they do appear in every category, but the worst is in the administration and government.

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Les Misérables – the story of the law

We are all, if we are redeemed, pulled by both law and grace. As we start to understand Grace and achieve some “victory”, the law then appears and demands our incarceration. The law is not satisfied by Grace because the law thinks there only one satisfaction: works. Perfection is what the law demands and Grace, as seen by the law, is not perfection of works, for each redeemed person under Grace, still appears to the law to be a law breaker.

Luckily for us the law doesn’t have the last word, for there is a Judge who stands above the law, and he says that Grace satisfies the law, even when the law thinks not. For this Judge knows how costly Grace really is and how much it actually does satisfy law’s demands, because He Himself has suffered under the law.

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A Room Full of Yes Men

When everyone in the room is told they should expect the High Chieftain of Xerplosia, and a man dressed in stunning robes walks in, they all will immediately assume he is the man. Will any doubt he is and if they do will they be allowed to voice the opinion? Such group-think, brain-washing, I fear, has affected our scientific community as a whole. Watching “No Intelligence Allowed” is a real entry-level eye opener to how this works in Science currently.

When Scientists cannot get jobs if they believe anything other then evolution, if they even attempt to suggest a different interpretation of the evidence they lose their jobs, then how can one say anything different than the conclusions are fixed?

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Why I Am Not a Theistic Evolutionist

A new conviction has come to me. One must be sure of what they believe and why they believe it. When one knows what they believe and why they believe it they can both respond to error and revise any errors they might hold. If sufficient evidence can damage one of the “why’s” of belief, one should change the “why” and if necessary the “what”. Therefore although I speak in terms of: this is my position on said topic, it doesn’t mean I am not open to criticism or changing my view, but rather that certain “why’s” need to be addressed and disproven before I will change or modify my “what”, and I think this is how everyone should be. Now to my topic at hand.

I do not claim full knowledge of my topic, nor have I exhausted every argument and line of evidence, nor do I claim to know or understand every nuance of views on the subject. Simply I will state my current position on the topic and why I hold to said position.

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My advice to anyone wanting to marry

If you have read my first “Things I wish I knew when I was young” post you would understand that I am not against good advice but I do believe it can be harmful if not prioritized correctly. First and foremost I believe that you must understand the Gospel and look to Christ first for your hope and everything. That is our life long lesson and struggle. With that in mind I am going to share some things I consider wise and helpful but they are not to be taken as “law” but as thinking and talking points. No one is going to be perfect and we all fail.

The real question is do we get back up because our eyes are on Christ, or do we pout and stay down? Do we persevere through trials because our joy is found in Christ and our eternal hope set in Him or do we give up because life becomes hard? Do we complain at pain and suffering because we wrongly think God saved us to make us happy earthlings or do we persevere knowing that Christ endured more and has promised us eternal joy and bliss while making us into Christ like people?

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Things I wish I knew when I was younger – premarital

I am sure that those of you older than I laugh at the thought of me thinking of myself being younger as if those few years that mark me between this age (young) and that age (younger) constitute a significant passage of time and life growth. To assure you in the positive I will say: it has. Growth sometimes has been slow for me, but it never has been shallow. Like Timothy, people doubt the young, but wisdom comes from God and he doesn’t have an age bias. Let my thoughts speak for themselves.

Many people think they are “ready” for marriage way before they actually are. While a significant amount of people are not “ready” for marriage even though they are married, this point is proven by the high divorce rate among the populace at large. I have learned that being ready for marriage doesn’t mean financial or occupational security (although such things are important to some people), but rather something deeper and more base. With my whole heart I believe God cares more about our character and its development (sanctification) than he does our temporal happiness (ultimately he cares about our eternal happiness, but I am speaking only about earthly things). So while one might think that having a good job, a house, and a bank account are necessary for being ready for marriage, I disagree. Of course having such things doesn’t mean you are not ready, but it doesn’t mean you are ready. Considering our current economic problems I am sure many people will agree with me that a good job and a home give one no security and in fact going from having them to not having them can actually destroy marriages.

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What About Me?

There has been a serious slide in our culture that has invisibly snuck by most people. It has changed how most people (much more in the younger generations) think about themselves and their lives, and they don’t even know it. It used to be that people fit in one category, but now that category is almost all but empty and everyone has shoved themselves, without knowing it, into the other once vacant category.

I guess we should feel a little vindicated since so much time has passed since this once vacuous position came into existence. At the time the introduction of it seemed insignificant, but its after wake has been disastrous. I call it the: “why me” slide into the “why not me” pit.

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Why All Good Stories Must Have A Happy Ending

There are many stories in the world. Stories on all types of topics ranging from your sappy romance between two saplings in love to the most violently scarey attack of the rabid bunny horror films. The truth of the matter is, between all these stories, only the good ones have happy endings. Now of course how good a story is ultimately depends on many factors such as: originality, depth, tone, twists, understandability, meaning, and of course its conclusion. My purposes here is not to discuss all the aspects of story, except for one: the conclusion. No matter how good all aspects of a story are, its ending holds the final trump card which dictates how good the story really is. I would also argue that for the ending of the story to be anything but happy, it isn’t a good story.

Let us first start out by defining the word Story. A story is simply the telling of a particular sequence of events, fiction or not, that communicates a certain message (known or unknown). Every story communicates something (even if not intended by the author). If a sequence of events can be communicated in a way that no meaning can be derived from it, then it isn’t a story. Likewise if one just blathers incoherent and meaningless words, it isn’t a story. All stories have structure. They all have a beginning, middle, and end. They all have a subject and, like I said before, a meaning.

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Why Is Apple Successful Now?

So there was this news post about how Apple is notorious for trying to keep end users out of their products, and how their newest attempt is to change out all the screws on their products to screws that require a custom screwdriver (which presumably only they have). And yes, they are doing this to consumers who bring their products in for repair, without telling the consumer they are doing it.

I then had a friend ask an employee at Apple about this and from what my friend said, the employee’s attitude was simply that Apple owns our devices and we are not free to do what we want with them, even if we choose to void the warranty to do so. Now of course this isn’t an official Apple statement, and it may not really reflect Apples true position, but considering how they act, one wonders.

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Government, Jobs, and you

To understand the destructive, dreary, and dismal side of Government jobs we must first condescend to the origins of Government. Why do we have Government in the first place and why does this Government have jobs? The answer is extremely complex; allow me to state it simply. Government is nothing more than the people working together for the common good, and it is nothing less than the common good working for the people. It is the will of the people, created by the people, to rule the people by people. Laws define it and it defines the laws. It is circular, it is organic, and it is a machine.

We the people create the Government and in return the Government creates us. After we gifted some of our freedom, our humanity, our responsibility, and our creativity to it, it thanked us by redefining humanity and the boundaries in which we can act it out.  It is necessary and it is tyrannical. It saves lives while destroying them, and it abolishes freedom to protect freedom. It is the giving of lesser things, to protect the greater things. It is a necessary evil, to control and protect humans, but it was not always so.

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