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Can God Change the Past

So I was thinking about time travel and discussing my reasoning’s when someone posed the question to me: “well then can God change the past?”. My initial reply is that such a statement is nonsense, which he didn’t like so let me expand on why such a thing like God changing the past or future for that matter is nonsense.

The reason for me thinking it so, is because I believe that time and existence flows out of God rather than being something apart from God. Let me put it this way: if time is something apart from God which He has set on its course, but it is now created and built upon by some one other than God namely men. It is like He started creation on its process but gave it over to men to complete, thus its substance is created by men ultimately and not Himself. In this view, God is the one reaching down and affecting things, changing things as they happen, he cannot change the past because in any view to change what has happened to something that has not happened is a contradiction. If you have problems with understanding how God cannot change the past, because to do so is to create a contradiction, well let me know and we can dive deeper into that, but for now just take my word for it. In this view God is reacting to what men do, making changes after a man does something, as to affect its outcome to God’s favor. I do not think this view is the correct view of reality. Time isn’t something separate from God, it isn’t something that is created by men ultimately where God reacts to what men do, God decrees what will happen, and it happens.

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Can you figure out my riddle?

A Riddle of Nothing

Out of something has become nothing,
Where this nothing acts like something.
It cannot be chosen, but comes from choosing.
With it you earn something, but only by loosing.
To attain it you must first fall,
But it cannot be really attained at all.
For it comes from the lack of something,
But this lack is really to us nothing.
It doesn’t grow on trees,
But it is said to have seeds.
Those who seek it find naught,
But somehow they are by it caught.
It deceives and plays a beautiful reverie,
Where nothing lives and nothing will be.
Like a shadow it plays upon the bright days,
And for some it comforts them in its ways.
It is a fools pursuit to seek that which isn’t,
And that which will be found impertinent.
Do you know of that which I speak,
In a form of tongue and cheek?
It will not be found no matter how hard you look,
But you will see what it does, and who it overtook.
© Ryan Wormald