Do Atheists Have the Corner on Rationality?

Certainly there are very smart people who are Atheists who have a track record of being very good thinkers. Yet, many atheists complain that they rarely, if ever, meet Christians whom they consider rational and good thinkers. Why is this the case? Is it true that Christians really are irrational and only Atheists are rational? Or as the Atheist would want you to believe: only rational people believe in Atheism because it is the rational view, and ergo only irrational people believe otherwise, and Christianity is otherwise, and thus it is full of irrational people. Nice when you can create logic that supports you, but bummer when it bumps into reality.

Contrary to popular belief, Atheism isn’t a more rational belief than Christianity, and although many Christians don’t disagree with the Atheist’s claim that most Christians are irrational, they too are mistaken. Atheists are just as irrational as Christians. You heard me correctly, but did you really? Notice I am speaking about people, not views, I didn’t say Atheism is just as irrational as Christianity, I said the person who believes Atheism is just as irrational as the person who believes in Christianity. Listen carefully (or should I say read carefully): every person on this planet is irrational, it is a human trait due to our fallen nature.

Clearly we all can see in others, and if honest, and in our selves areas where we probably were not or are not being rational. Ever drive over a bridge and fear it might just fall? What about playing the lottery hoping to win? Yup, we are irrational all the time. Being an irrational people, doesn’t forgo that we can, at times, be rational, nor that beliefs themselves can be rational. Christianity is certainly the most rational belief out there, while Atheism is completely irrational. Yet, in both there are irrational people who claim to believe. Let me just step back really quick and point out that Christianity has been around about 2000 years, and has been more critically attacked than any other view in existence, and instead of being destroyed and marginalized, it has grown stronger and more detailed in its defense of all attacks. There is not an argument against Christianity that hasn’t been answered, but this isn’t an article about defending the rationality of Christianity nor proving how Atheism is ultimately irrational, it is a discussion about the people who believe both, and are atheists valid in their claim that most Christians are irrational.

Coming back around to my original point, let me just state, while both Christians and Atheists are often irrational, what the Atheist isn’t being honest about when he claims that only Christians are irrational, is that many Atheists have no idea what they really believe or why, and would be considered irrational by the same standards that original Atheist claims the Christian is. In other words, the standard that the Atheist attempts to use against the Christian can be used against his own kind too. Pressing further into my critique, I would argue that the Atheist is ultimately unfair in his critique, for he is actually setting up the rules by which he will succeed and his opponent fail, he is not basing his critique on some external, objective standard of rationality, but rather is making the rules in his image, that is, what he believes, and how he believes is considered, by him, to be the standard of rationality.

Christianity, on the other hand, believes that rationality is an external objective standard, by which all beliefs are judged. As I said before we see irrationality in all humans because of our sin nature, but this doesn’t mean we are completely irrational at all points in all beliefs, or that all beliefs are irrational, it just means we all share in the trait of having to fight against our propensity of being irrational, emotional creatures. Therefore the Atheist is wrong in thinking all Christians are irrational as a unique trait not also shared by himself. But is the Atheist correct in thinking Christianity is irrational to believe in? As I boldly claimed before, I don’t think so, I think Christianity (as taught in Scripture) is the correct way to view reality, and thus it is the most rational of all beliefs, if we understand rationality to be the clear belief in reality. If Christianity is the true belief in reality, then ultimately all the facts of reality will point towards Christianity, which means Christianity is, by definition, the most rational belief to be held, Atheism is a false view of reality, and thus Atheism fails to be rational as it is not based upon any true facts.

Coarsely stated, Atheists want to hoist their version of Science, which is more a sudo philosophy than true Science, as the rational standard by which all rational beliefs must be judged, and thus they tip the scales in their favor. They create the standard, which so happens to agree with them perfectly, by which they judge and find everyone else wanting. So when the Atheist claims that he only meets Christians who are irrational, he means that they do not agree with his standards for belief and reasoning. In other words they do not accept his way of analyzing the facts about reality, and thus they are irrational, but their claim is that he is simply using the wrong tools or the right tools wrongly, to come to his conclusions.

Case in point: Atheists most often make the claim that only Science can discover truth, and since Christianity is full of non-Scientific claims, it must not be true and thus not rational. Do they not realize that the claim itself is not based on Science, as no Scientific study can prove that only truth is discovered by Science? Right off the bat they have made a statement that is self defeating, but wait, there is more! Moving past that blunder, let us point out another misstep. Is it not true that God by definition would have to be immaterial? Yet, can Science study the immaterial? Thus by definition Science cannot say one way or another anything about God’s existence or non-existance, and yet Atheists claim all day long that Science has proven God doesn’t exist, something Science cannot do. Atheists cannot even work within their world view, which is 100% materialistic belief based upon a tool that can only study material things. Don’t you see this is like using a thermometer to disprove the existence of stars, it is the wrong tool for the job, and if your whole world view is based upon only the discovery possible by that tool, then your worldview will be severely limited in what it is able to believe in, and thus clearly perverted in its view of reality. Lastly, do they not see how circular is their reasoning? They have a tool that can only study the material, yet they claim it studies all of reality, but they don’t know if it actually does, because it is unable to study immaterial things, yet they claim immaterial things do not exist because they are convinced that a material tool, which cannot see the immaterial, has proven that the immaterial doesn’t exist, but when asked to prove why they think a material tool has disproven what it cannot see, they claim that the tool can study all of reality, but how do they know it can study all of reality if something beyond the material exists? Simple, they say, matter, which can be studied by Science, is all that exists. Huh? Who is being irrational now?

Conversely, Christianity believes in both the material and immaterial. It believes that Science helps us understand the material, and Scripture helps us understand the immaterial, and that both will always 100% agree with each other when properly understood, since both the material and immaterial realities were created by the same person, who cannot contradict Himself. In the end it is the Christian view who is willing to follow where all the evidence leads, where as only the Atheist limits himself to the material evidence. Of course much more has and can be said about the subject, but I just wanted you to consider these things the next time an Atheist complains that Christians are irrational: 1) Everyone is irrational at many points in their lives. 2) Specifically many Atheists are not clear thinkers about their own views, so it isn’t just Christianity who has followers who are ill-informed and ill-prepared to defend their view. 3) Atheists create a rule of rationality which supports their view and by definition precludes all others, conveniently. They claim too much knowledge from a tool that only can study material things. Now who is the more irrational?

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