Government, Jobs, and you

To understand the destructive, dreary, and dismal side of Government jobs we must first condescend to the origins of Government. Why do we have Government in the first place and why does this Government have jobs? The answer is extremely complex; allow me to state it simply. Government is nothing more than the people working together for the common good, and it is nothing less than the common good working for the people. It is the will of the people, created by the people, to rule the people by people. Laws define it and it defines the laws. It is circular, it is organic, and it is a machine.

We the people create the Government and in return the Government creates us. After we gifted some of our freedom, our humanity, our responsibility, and our creativity to it, it thanked us by redefining humanity and the boundaries in which we can act it out.  It is necessary and it is tyrannical. It saves lives while destroying them, and it abolishes freedom to protect freedom. It is the giving of lesser things, to protect the greater things. It is a necessary evil, to control and protect humans, but it was not always so.

Government was intended to be the great instigator, to bring people together by channeling their resources and ingenuity into a combined gain, a sum many times greater than her parts. The result was to be civilization, cultivation, expansion, growth, success, wealth, prosperity, and abundant life. There was only one small problem: man. Man choose the wide, easy path to destruction, the selfish, dehumanizing path to death. Man rejected His creator, and His creator’s Government, and created one in his own image, a Government as flawed and destructive as himself. Did he really expect perfection to arise from imperfection, an apple tree to bear hand-grenades?

God was to rule man in Righteousness, Love, Justice, and Power, but man thought it too little for himself, he wanted autonomy, sovereignty, and freedom from oversight. He wanted something greater than God’s rule, he wanted man to rule, he wanted a man based Government; he wanted a man-god. We are so indebted to our glorious main man for making such a big decision for all of us: choosing man over God as god; we would have done the same.

Alas here we are trying to use flawed instruments to make a perfect world, when will we learn that we are the problem? Our forefathers attempted to make a human Government like no other ever seen on earth, an experiment in Democracy. This Government started out more alike the original intention of Government than any other and the result was the most free, powerful, influential, and wealthy country ever to exist in the history of the world. It, in spite of its success, was no means perfect or completely successful in its stated ends, but what do you expect from man, utopia? Even Israel rejected God as their King and went with Saul, what hope do we have?

I digress the history lesson and move expediently to the stated purpose of this blather of intelligently random words. When people realized they needed each other and that the whole of them could do more than the parts of them, they created a government, a common end for the common good. Our forefathers knew, somehow without PhD’s or CNN, that human life and interaction needed norms and common rules in which all should abide by. They needed laws to govern fair trade, and boundaries to define their property lest a gangster make them an offer they couldn’t refuse. An army seemed like a good thing to protect them all from the invading Natives, or perhaps even more importantly, to help them invade the Natives, either way it was important.

Stop, think, what do all these have in common? No, that’s right they require people to work, and money to function. The human right to life seems to be intricately attached to the right to try to keep living by working, and eating. Quickly man realized that money was necessary to keep things straight, and realized, except for slaves, that one could sell their own body for money. There suddenly became an economy of Government jobs. Quickly the Government realized that people would gladly pay for protection and other things commonly considered the common good. The downside is people became lazy, why do something for yourself when the government can do it for you, so they kept giving the Government more power until the Government was too much to bear. After being basically enslaved by the Frankenstein they created, they decided it was better to die then to live under that Government any more, so they would fight to over throw it, in order to create in its place a new Government. The funny thing is the Government hates to die as well. So, even though the Government needs people to survive, she would fight and kill some of her people so that the rest would continue to feed her needs. Need I comment on such a lose-lose scenario?

Now we come to the present and Government jobs, those leaches on society that we desperately need to keep from becoming a band of cutthroats and murders. Before the Government comes after me for comparing it to a leach, allow me to make amends by defining something so demeaning. When I say leach, I really mean a leach of money and resources, the antithesis of creation. A leach isn’t bad by default. Simply every Government job is a job that requires both taxes to run (taxes are those things that the government takes from some people to give to itself and others it deems more worthy than those taxed) and workers stolen from the private sector – you know the sector where jobs are created, wealth is made, and the financial support for Government comes from.

So, when I say the Government is a leach, I mean that she creates no wealth directly, her jobs hurt society in some ways, and she takes freedom and money from some to give to others. No matter what you are thinking now, in theory, this is good and necessary. Man must band together, he must have a government, and this government must have jobs. It is necessary that man pay taxes, and that some jobs go to the government instead of the private sector. A world without Government would simply be a world with more smaller Governments all fighting each other. Even in prison, prisoners create Governments, laws, and taxes. Man needs Government as much as Government needs man.

So why, you may ask, do I blow and spout and utter words that imply and incite? Simply to make the point that although government is the liver we die with out, or die if it becomes too toxic, it is the liver we need. Let us not so disillusion ourselves into thinking that more government jobs are the answer. More Government means less people are willing to take responsibility for themselves, resulting in people losing their humanity. Men were intended to have personal responsibility, but the more they trade this to the government for a good feeling, the more they are slowly intoxicating their own liver. The bigger the Government gets the smaller man becomes. We should all be aware of the danger and the good that comes with Government, for without it we die, and too much of it kill us.

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