Guidance – A Prayer

Oh my God, you have blessed me beyond what I deserve, and I thank you for your mercy and grace towards me for the sake of your precious Son Jesus. What more could I ask for? You have given me shelter, food, work, family, friends and so much more.

My gifts are your gifts, my strength is your strength, you uphold my life and give me breath. I am nothing apart from you, but dust and air. How great are your works oh my God!

Oh God do not be far from me for I doubt and worry. My trust in you falters at times and I run to other things for security rather than your side. I have sought happiness, fulfillment, and piece outside of you. I have sinned Holy Father and have disobeyed your Word. Forgive me Father for the sake of Christ.

Oh my God this world seems so large, so evil, and so out of your control, yet it is never so. To you oh Lord this world is small and yours to command and purify. The work of your people is your work, done with your power, grant us vision to see this and strength to trust you for provision.

Grant me gracious Father, the vision and character to seek first your kingdom, that I may work and perform for your glory and my own good. Align my will and desires with yours oh Lord. Command what you will and give what you command!

Guide my steps heavenly Father, towards your will, give me the strength to trust in your promises. Purify my heart and motives so that they please you my King.

Be glorified oh God and be my strength and shield! Thanks be to Christ!

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