Hurry to Marry cont…

I just came up with another thought on this subject. Sometimes it seems to me that we need to wait for the right time and circumstances to marry, sometimes those are internal, and sometimes external. I see no problem waiting for a girl for a few years for one or both of you to get ready (what ever that means for your circumstances), as long as you guys have self control. I have no problem with someone working 7 years (or 14) before they get to marry someone. There is something said about being patient and waiting for the right time.

Also i think people need to consider their desires. If someone desires to get married in the Spring, and its fall, and they can wait and be patient, why can’t they wait? What if they want to wait 3 more years before they finish school, whats the harm in that if they have patience and self control?

Anyways i had one more but forgot i’ll add it once I remember.

2 thoughts on “Hurry to Marry cont…

  1. Daniel

    Hey Ryan,

    I’m enjoying your blogging. One thing I’m noticing about relationships lately is that they’re not about us. Especially when considering the example given us in Ephesians 5. Our marriage relationships here on earth are imaging Christ’s relationship with the church. He does not love the church because of what we do for Him, but rather for our good and more importantly for the glory of His Father. I’ve found that the more I live with this way of thinking in mind. The better my relationships are. Whether they are friendships or romantic in nature. Thanks for the food for thought.


  2. Coram Deo

    Thanks Daniel, I’m glad you are enjoying them. Yes I totally agree with you. My goal in these “marriage” blogs is to slowly address all the different issues. As with a lot of my blogs, they tend to be a little more reactionary than thought through and planned. I usually am reacting to a conversations, teaching, or thought that I had or have received at the time.

    So usually what I accomplish is to address some narrow part of a bigger picture. Which I am usually ok with. Now if I was going to write all my thoughts on marriage, well I might as well write a book, so in my Blogs I will just slowly piece little parts as I feel the need. Look forward to my new one on change and should you demand, be ok with, or never want in your mate.

    Anyways thanks for reading, feel free to share with friends, or comment how you think i could do better, or what you like / dont like. I love hearing anything people have to say. 🙂

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