My Car Came From Nothing!

I own a Honda Civic. I do not believe Honda has any manufacturing plants, they do not exist. They cannot exist because such a thing would be so evil and immoral and hateful. They are a myth forced upon us by the fools who want us to believe that car manufacturing plants exist to create our cars, because there is great gain in it for them. These people live in the dark ages. They are blinded by their own assumptions. We, any smart and scientific individual, all know that cars just come into existence and there really is a simple proof for it.

Since we all know that car manufacturing plants are a lie propagated by fools who are backward in their beliefs, blinded by their biases, there must be another reason why we have cars. If we spend just a second thinking about it, we all can think of the time when there were no cars in existence, but now we have cars! So, just as any child can reason this through, give me where you think cars came from? Well of course they came from nothing! We know there was nothing, and now there are cars, therefore cars came from nothing! It really is quite simple I do not understand why anyone would think otherwise. Let us stop arguing where cars came from and focus on more important issues like what to do with their emissions. Science has proven it once and for all, stop fighting it: cars come from nothing. They just come into existence! Of course the physics of it is much more complicated, but I assure you our laws of physics completely allow for it, I assure you.

The best I can explain it is this: once apon a time there was nothing (well this nothing was really infinitely small matter, but since it is so small -infinitely- it is best considered as nothing), then poof this “nothing” turned into something and bang our cars came into existence in all their complicated glory! Yes, I know they look like they were made by men, in a car manufacturing plant, but since we know that no car manufacturing plants really exists (all so called discoveries of them are easily explained away with science and reason). Therefore the most reasonable and rational belief is that cars came from nothing!

Now I am sure you finished reading what I just wrote and are completely offended by it and amused. Of course no rational person would be sucked into my logic there. But what may amaze you, is this: replace “car” with “this universe” and “car manufacturing plants” with “God” and you have a real argument given by Evolutionists.

I have literally heard Evolutionists (In the T.V series: How The Universe Works), explain the existence on the universe in similar terms I just gave about the existence of Cars. They basically said that something came from nothing (and physics allows for this) because once apon a time in the place where the universe would come to be there was an infinitely small something (called nothing) which then blew up into the big bang, and walla we have our universe. There are many things wrong with their explanation, I will give 2 big ones:

1) They assume there is no Creator God, and thus make all their “assumptions” based on this fundamental but unproven “assumption”.

2) They assume that just because they can think of something, that it can happen. Mathematically there is a concept for the infinite reduction of things, meaning one can infinitely cut something in half, simply just keep adding “0’s” to the right of the decimal point. But in the real world can this really happen? Is matter infinity cut-able? Or does there exist the smallest thing in the universe which is indivisible? Philosophical and theoretical (or mathematical) possibilities do not equate into real possibilities in this reality. Just because I could imagine something doesn’t mean it really can or did happen.

Just like it was wrong for me to just believe that car manufacturing doesn’t exist (and actually requires more wishful thinking – called faith by some – than the belief that car manufacturing exists -there are more evidences for it existing than not), likewise it is wrong for evolutionists to believe God doesn’t exist (likewise it requires more “faith” than Biblical Creation, and there is more evidence for God existing than not). The real reason they do not believe God exists is because they do not want Him to exist, not because of the lack of evidence. See Rom 1.

Just because I can come up with an alternate reason how Cars came into existence doesn’t mean it really makes any sense, or could happen in this universe. One of the most simple things to understand is the idea that something cannot come from nothing. If you have nothing, something cannot come from it unless it is acted upon by the outside. Darkness doesn’t create light, light must fill darkness. Vacuums do not create matter, matter must fill Vacuums. Simply if we have something (like cars) they didn’t come from nothing, they came from something, and if it looks created, the best thing to assume is that they were created, not that they were spontaneously existing (no matter how much you hate the car manufacturer or God).

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