As far as i have figured out, there is no way to subscribe to my blog in a way where you get emailed when i change things. However if you click subscribe to at the bottom of the page you will be taken to an RSS feed where you have options to save the RSS in other ways, like adding it to your email, or bookmarks. Which is just this link:


You will want to go to the bottom right side of the page to Actions and choose what you want from there. I recommend Subscribe in Mail if you use Mac Mail on the Mac, it puts an RSS feed into your mail which is cool. Otherwise i would just choose the Add Bookmark, to add a bookmark of the RSS to your browser. 
I am still looking into other ways for you to subscribe to this blog, but thats all i have figured out so far. 
If you want to know what RSS is beyond just trusting that it works, check it out on Wikipedia:


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    What’s going on man, it’s your cousin Eric. Good to see that you’ve got a blog! I have one as well, check it out,

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