When to #NeverTrump, never

To my #nevertrump friends. So you are ready to burn down the Republican party because it no longer stands for the conservatism you hold. Where will you go? Will you create your own party? How long will that take? Do you really think there are enough conservatives who are active politically that will go with you to even matter? Here’s my fear about your plan:

Which direction do you think the country is going as a whole and do you really think there is any stopping it any time soon? We had 8 years of Obama and did conservatism get stronger or weaker? Let me answer for you: we got Trump. After 8 more years of Hillary we might just end up with a Bernie. With all these long term plans you have for conservatism and how you will make it a great contender again you seem to underestimate the weight of the Supreme Court, and the damage it has done over the last 40 years while still having a majority of “conservatives” for most the time. What do you think will happen when that damage is accelerated by having an undefeatable majority of 6 or more liberals on the court, which Hillary is sure to give us? Right now with just 8 justices we only see 3 voting consistently conservatively.

Consider the harbinger of our future, California, as it attempts to pass a bill that essentially guts religious liberty and shuts down all Christian universities. Do you think, when that fight gets to the supreme court, that they will stand on the side of religious liberty? They have made it clear, over and over, that they believe their made up rights: abortion, homosexuality, etc. are actually stronger and more important than the real rights in the Constitution. Most likely they will side with California, and then all the Christian universities and schools will crumble in America, and with them, the last chance of Conservatism.

Who do you think is the greatest promoter of Conservatism in America? It is Christians by far. If their educational system crumbles, so will their influence in all of academia and thus all areas of influence. Religious liberty is the most important right to conservatism, as it guarantees conservative training and education will continue. Why do you think Liberals have really turned up the heat on Christians and religious liberty? They know who their greatest enemy it, and it is the Christian worldview.

I fear you are too focused on who you think you should vote for than who is president. Hillary stands as the single greatest threat to religious freedom, I think this country has faced ever. Not because of her directly, but because of the court she will appoint, and the footsteps of Obama she is sure to follow in.

As I have repeatedly stated, I don’t think the future of this country stands in the hands of the president, but in our neighborhoods and schools. The liberals have won over this country, not because their ideas are better, their economics more profitable, their people more free, but because they won over most the education in this country from K to PhD. They started small, and it has built momentum. We need to do the same thing. Work at taking back our neighborhoods and schools. Get involved in the school boards, and city councils. Show the people our world view is superior for freedom, prosperity, and happiness.

Yet, I don’t think we can ignore the presidency, namely because of the Supreme Court. Does Trump stand for conservatism? Nope. Does he have the character to lead? Haven’t seen it yet. But does Hillary? Isn’t she worse? Do you really believe, don’t try to predict the future at this moment, but just taking what they both stand for, do you really believe that Trump stands for worst things than Hillary? The only arguments I hear as to why Trump would be worse is: he will destroy conservatism. How do you know that? “Everyone will think he is conservative, and thus hate conservatives.” Really? No one thinks he is conservative, and you won’t get anything different from the Media than: the constant putting down of conservatism no matter who is in office.

Let’s say I grant you that Trump will destroy conservatism, due to your crystal ball predictions, but what will Hillary destroy? She might destroy liberty, especially in religious freedom, and the economy. How are you going to rebuild conservatism when it is basically considered illegal and all your money is taken away? See I can build a doomsday future too, and I think mine is scarier, and if both are possible, then Hillary is worse.
While I personally think Trump has a long shot, dumping Trump to go with someone else is an even longer shot, and pretty much guarantees a Hillary win.

Maybe Hillary won’t be so bad, and conservatism will survive, and the world will still be a nice place to live in. But is the down side worth you purposefully embracing fire in hopes you won’t be burned too badly? Isn’t the prudent thing to fight against what could be the worst evil? All this talk about burning down the Republican party to rebuild a conservative party seem to ignore that rebuilding conservatism doesn’t require a Hillary in office, Trump would do fine, but the death of conservatism does require a Hillary in office. Would you risk death in hopes you might find life, when life could be found where death is less sure?

This is my observation: the #nevertrump crowd is more sure of the unknowns that would happen under Trump, than the knowns under Hillary, and that makes me wonder what they know that I don’t know or if they have lost their minds.

But then again politics are so volatile, we could just see something no one expected.


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